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A chance
to explore issues and difficulties that life, relationships, and some patterns of behaviour create.
A chance
to take a journey that will lead to greater understanding, clarity and increased self-awareness.
A chance
to create an opportunity to make changes in your life with confidence and support.

Confidential Counselling & Psychotherapy in Cambridge

Counselling and Psychotherapy creates a fertile environment for clarity, psychological healing and change. Counselling and therapeutic work is a mutual creation, in a space where we co-create a sense of who we are, what we want, and perhaps what we don’t want. We will hear, as a full bodied experience, the impact of our words, emotions, imaginings and desires. Crucially, we will also get the chance to be critically reflective in the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship. This relationship is not like other relationships. You will be met with an aspiration of warmth, compassion and understanding, creating a trusting safe space for us to challenge our assumptions, beliefs, and relational habits. Our assumed knowing will reveal itself in a space where we get to concentrate on you, your dilemma, your distress, whatever you have sought therapy for. Above all else therapy is a healing and creative space where our sense of self can ebb and flow, shift and change into a more accepting vibrant existence.

As an experienced accredited BACP registered counsellor I have worked with clients across the generations and from all walks of life; from a struggling student to a stressed out executive. My work is open to anyone over the age of 18years who is struggling with life.

Here are some examples of issues I work with:

relationship difficulties - present & historical
(inc romantic, friendship, family, work-related)
anxiety, panic & stress
divorce and separation
bereavement & loss
decision making & life choices
gender and sexuality
self-esteem & issues of confidence
confusion, muddle & stuckness
abuse - present & historical
health & illness

*What stories are you telling yourself about your life or those around you?

*What experience are you having in your body
that stops you from living as fully as you would like to?

*What is happening in your relating with others
that isn’t as rewarding as you would like it to be?

*What are your hopes, aspirations, dreams and desires?

£60 per 50 minute session.

Payment is made by cash or cheque at the time of appointment. Please ask about electronic transfer if this is your preference.

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What kind of Counsellor am I?

I am BACP regisitered and accredited counsellor and psychotherapist. Bringing together my training and research as a therapist, experience as a personal development trainer, and studies in Philosophy, my style of therapy is like a one-to-one personal consultancy, tailored to you and your needs, to help you find a way forward, with an aim for you to work towards what really matters in your life, and make no mistake I trust you, your inner resources and the therapeutic process to be the major force in your change process.

Therapy respectfully and compassionately, places trust in unconscious motivational forces to reveal what is limiting, hurting, and what matters to each person as an individual. Working in this way enables you to move forward in a safe and confident way. I believe in free will, choice, and that though our human angst can be natural, it can be hard to bear sometimes. My education, training and experience enables me to open up and explore some of the wider issues for you such as what it is to be human, how to identify meaning and value in life, and consider options and choices. I absolutely believe that each person has the ability to live life in an empowered way and I have aided clients through the task of becoming more the person they wish to be, living a life they wish to live.

Hypnotherapy & Creative Meditation

I also offer Hypnotherapy as a way to engage in specific stress-related issues and in particular the experience of anxiety. This is an evidence-based approach that has been approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS). There is nothing gimmicky or flimsy about the approach and it has nothing to do with popular 'stage-hypnosis' that you may have seen on the television. It is also not, hypnosis.

I offer non-trance hypnotherapy which is a form of active relaxation or creative meditation to aid you in your change process. Used in the context of addressing specific stress-related issues, anxiety and fear, this type of active relaxation is about creative visualisation and positive affirmation, is goal specific, and has nothing to do with regression therapy.

Please see separate tab for further details.

How to choose a therapist...

Contemporary research tells us that the counselling relationship itself is the key to good therapy, and so it is important that you feel able to confide in the therapist and trust the process of therapy itself. That can be challenging as it takes time to build a safe, trusting and productive relationship. Choosing a therapist can be a daunting task and I urge you to listen carefully to your own reaction and felt sense when choosing. Begin now, in this moment, to trust your inner experience as you begin this process of self-awareness and personal development. By listening to yourself, even at this first stage, you will already begin to aid your change process.

How many sessions will you need?

The number of sessions is entirely in your power and varies depending upon the type of therapy you choose. For counselling & psychotherapy some clients find that 10 sessions are enough to address their concern and find a way through. Others find 20-30 sessions help identify and address more ingrained issues and habits that seem to impede their life somehow. There are other clients that see this kind of therapy as part of their own self-care and personal development and we can find ourselves working together for a year or more.

I am always open to discussion about tailor-made longer sessions if this is something that you are interested in, and fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Hypnotherapy is a short-term solution focussed therapy and you will find that for a specific issue you may be working for 3-6 weeks only.

Whichever you choose and however therapy unfolds for you, it will be reliant upon your commitment to therapy, my commitment to therapy, and ultimately commitment to your life. Therapy can take many twists and turns, and being open to the necessary unfolding nature can make your experience of therapy extremely rewarding.

Supervision & Reflective Practice in Cambridge

As a qualified and experienced supervisor, I also offer clinical supervision to other counsellors and psychotherapists, and also to anyone, in any profession wishing to engage in reflective practice. Please see separate tab for more details.

Lecturer in Counselling

As a Counselling Lecturer and Trainer I have extensive experience in training counsellors and aiding them through their own journey of self-awareness and personal development. I have taught on all levels of training programs and facilitated large groups in personal development workshops and therapeutic group process.

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